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  • Braun Series 7 760cc Shaver Replacement Shaver Handle, trimmer and Battery
  • Scroll down for supported Series 7 shaver model numbers
  • IS NOT for wet and dry use
  • Braun Series 7 760cc Shaver Replacement Shaver Handle and Battery (Click for Model Numbers!)
    Braun Series 7 760cc Shaver Replacement Shaver Handle and Battery (Click for Model Numbers!)
    Item# Braun_Series_7_760cc_Handle_and_Battery
    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    Braun Shaver Parts Description

    This is a new Genuine Braun Series 7 760CC Complete Shaver Handle. It contains everything (shell, motor, control board, slide up trimmer, battery, pivoting head, LCD status display etc) except the foil and cutter. It is compatible with all Braun Series 7 Clean and Charge Bases. If you have damaged your handle or the battery has died, this is a quick/inexpensive solution to get you back to shaving with your Braun Series 7 Shaver. Simply put your foil/cutter blade on top, plug in or put in the clean and charge base, and you are good to go!


    Braun Series 7 Shaver Self Cleaning Model Numbers
    765CC, 765CC-3, 765CC-4, 765CC-5, 765CC-6, 765cc-7
    760CC, 760CC-3, 760CC-4, 760CC-5, 760CC-6, 760cc-7
    750CC, 750CC-3, 750CC-4, 750CC-5, 750CC-6, 750cc-7
    735CC, 735CC-3, 735CC-4, 735CC-5, 735CC-6, 735CC-7

    Braun Series 7 Shaver Solo Model Numbers
    710, 710S, 710S-3
    720, 720S, 720S-3, 720S-4, 720S-5 720S-6, 720S-7
    730, 730S, 730S-3, 730S-4
    735, 735S, 735S-3, 735S-4
    740, 740S, 740S-4, 740S-5
    760, 760S, 760S-3, 760S-4
    790, 790S, 790S-3, 790S-4
    7720, 7720S, 7720S-3, 7720S-4
    7840, 7840S, 7840S-3, 7840S-4
    7855, 7855S, 7855S-3, 7855S-4
    7893, 7893S, 7893S-3, 7893S-4

    Braun Series 7 Type Numbers
    5671, 5672, 5673, 5674, 5692, 5693, 5694, 5695, 5696, 5697

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